Vallourec is a world leader in premium tubular solutions primarily serving the energy markets, as well as other industrial applications.

With its historical roots in France and Germany, the Group has pursued a strategy of international expansion with strong positions in the USA, Brazil, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Today, with over 16,000 employees, integrated manufacturing facilities, advanced R&D, and a presence in more than 20 countries, Vallourec offers its customers innovative global solutions to meet the growing energy challenges of the 21st century. The Group has a large portfolio of diversified, innovative tubular products. It comprises the world’s most extensive range of seamless tubes, with outside diameters of up to 1500mm in over 250 grades of steel.


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Vallourec is now a leading supplier in the oil & gas and power generation markets, and has manufacturing and sales operations worldwide. The Group’s premium offer, sold through the VAM Global Solutions brand, combines products and services to offer personalized solutions for oil companies’ in terms of product design, manufacture and use in wells.

The Group is a universally acknowledged tube specialist for extreme operating conditions, with expertise in deep wells, corrosive environments, extended reach drilling, high temperature/high pressure applications and offshore drilling.

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