I first became acquainted with Serimer Dasa on the RESAK project in Malaysia in the late nineties. When I started work for Serimax in 2012 I found that the company had been transformed, renamed and rebranded into an organisation that believed that success is built on friendship, teamwork and trust. My initial role was to assist the project and fabrication teams in identifying prospective new work in the region.

I have also been tasked to coordinate project resource requirements for Serimax projects in other regions. I have seen how much effort, dedication and commitment goes into ensuring the job gets done. I have worked with multi nationals and spent eight years in operations in a commercial port, but the effort, dedication and commitment to achieve one goal of success doesn’t come close to the spirit of the teamwork shown by the people of Serimax.

We are one Serimax, let’s keep rocking the boat to make waves into the next millennium.