Ras Al Zaur to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

serimax casestudy2

Client: Mapa Limak MNG

Scope of work:72” water line of X65, internal cement coating, desert working conditions up to +50°C 

  • 72” x 14.3mm - 24,700 welds
  • 3 Saturnax welding stations, welding GMAW
  • Internal line-up re-rounder clamp with copper backing shoes

Achieving high performance on a 72” water pipeline in Saudi Arabia was a new challenge for Serimax, and one successfully overcome. As Serimax’s first outing in the country, the Ras Al Zaur to Riyadh pipeline project was the opportunity to showcase the high-productivity, high-quality Saturnax automatic welding system, in partnership with international contractors Mapa-Limak-MNG, crossing desert terrain and withstanding temperatures approaching 55°C. This project has paved the way to recurring success in Saudi Arabia, with an additional three projects in the country. Over the course of 2013, Serimax will be taking on the 650-kilometer 36” Shaybah NGL pipeline for Saudi Aramco.

PNG LNG EPC5, Papua New Guinea

serimax casestudy 7

Client: SpieCapag

Scope of work: 22”, 32” & 34”, X60 gas line, challenging rainforest pipeline route 

22” x 15.9 & 17.7mm – 1436 welds

32” x 19.4-25.2mm – 20,722 welds

34” x 23.4-28mm – 2063 welds

Saturnax welding stations, welding GMAW

Internal line-up re-rounder clamp with copper backing shoes

  • 4 % repair rates
  • 90 best day weld rate
  • 29 average day weld rate

In the depths of the Papua New Guinea rainforest, Serimax’s welding and maintenance teams braved the overpowering combination of heat, humidity, rain and mud to achieve strong performance on the PNG LNG project for ExxonMobil.  A key take-away from this project has been Serimax’s strong performance in the management of Health, Safety, Security and Environmental challenges.  The 22”, 32” and 34” scope of work of over 24,200 welds is currently in its final production phases.

Tiger Pipeline Expansion, Louisiana,USA

serimax casestudy 3

Client: Michels

Scope of work:

  • 42" OD x 0.520 - 0.760" WT
  • 1,625 Welds
  • 4 STX Stations
  • Highest Production 66
  • Repair % 1.44%
  • Client Feedback: "Flexible delivery, great response time"

In order to better serve our clients, Serimax implemented an innovative solution for mobilizing the ETC Tiger Expansion project in Louisiana. Our solution implemented the use of customized eight foot by ten foot containers wherein each held two stations of complete Saturnax systems with all necessary auxiliary equipment. The configuration of Serimax equipment allowed for efficient rigging of the welding shacks.

This solution greatly reduced start up time from the typical two weeks to merely three days, receiving recognition from our client on the project. Joseph Wade of Michels Pipeline stated, “During mobilization Serimax showed great response time and the rigging of equipment and shacks was very good.” 

Qatar Gas 3 & 4 LNG, Qatar

serimax case 4

Client: Gama Qatar

Scope of work: Onshore Fabrication Works

  • 19000 diameter inches of:
  • Incoloy 827
  • Inconel 625
  • Hastelloy C-276
  • Carbon steel & SS316L Clad
  • No Repairs delivered on schedule
  • Before Serimax: >80% repair rate
  • After Serimax: <1% repair rate


Serimax’s experienced welding team flew to Qatar in support of international contractor Gama, whose welding activities on site were suffering from poor performance. Serimax’s welding, engineering and fabrication expertise helped improve weld quality, dropping weld repair rates to under 1%, achieving excellent client feedback and illustrating the company’s leadership position as a premium welding solutions provider.

Ormen Langeled

Serimax case 5


Scope of work:

  • 44’’ x 23mm:
  • Repair rate: 2.35%
  • Best day lay rate: 216 welds/day
  • 42’’ x 29-33mm:
  • Repair rate: 1.45%
  • Best day lay rate: 216 welds/day

Mobilising the 8-torch, fully-automated Saturne welding system in combination with the dual-torch, field-proven Saturnax bug and band system was no small feat for Serimax, in delivering record-breaking performance on the second-longest subsea pipeline. Serimax successfully completed 39,880 welds of 42” and 44” trunklines, in the North Sea onboard the Acergy Piper, with average repair rates under 2%, and best day lay rates of 216 welds.

Gumusut Multi-jointing & Offshore J-Lay , Malaysia

serimax case 6


Client: SapuraAcergy

Scope of work:

Flowlines in 8.625”, 10.75”, 12.75”, 18”, X65 –mainline pipe-to-pipe and collar welds

  • 8.625” – 1573 welds
  • 10” – 384 welds
  • 12.75” – 644 welds
  • 18” – 180 welds

<3% overall average repair rate

Supporting our clients with customized project solutions is a key strategic objective for Serimax. In this respect, Serimax designed built and operated a fixed multi-jointing facility in Kuantan for the first deep water project with Shell in Malaysia. Stringent weld acceptance criteria meant that our challenge was to satisfy project schedule requirements through high productivity and optimized operational sequencing, while never compromising on weld quality. Serimax performed a total of 1150 welds on 8” to 12” pipes with wall thicknesses between 20.6 and 25.4mm, achieving repair rates under 1%. The offshore J-Lay operations of the pre-fabricated multi-joints onboard the Sapura 3000 are currently ongoing.

Pazflor, Angola

serimax case 2


Offshore scope of work - Subsea 7 (Acergy), onboard the Polaris

Spoolbase scope of work - Technip, Dande spoolbase

Offshore Scope of Work: 8”, 10” of X65 in S-Lay and J-Lay


  • 8” x 12.7mm – 2369 welds
  • <1.5% average repair rate
  • 323 best day weld rate
  • 280 average weld day rate
  • J-Lay
  • 10” x 15.9mm – 1017 welds
  • <1.2% average repair rate
  • 51 best day weld rate

Spoolbase Scope of Work: 10.75”, 11.1”, 11.67”, 16”

  • Welding, NDT, FJC
  • 10.75” x 15.9mm – 1151 welds
  • 11.1” x 14.1mm – 741 welds
  • 11.67” x 21.25mm – 1442 welds
  • 16” x 19.1mm – 1426

Pazflor is one of the world’s largest ever deepwater developments, located offshore Angola. Serimax is proud to have been a key enabler in this giant Total project, serving leading EPIC and SURF contractors Technip and Acergy (Subsea 7).

Serimax successfully completed fully-integrated welding, Non-destructive testing and Field-joint coating with its key partners for Technip on Dande spoolbase, Angola. Supporting Technip and Total in achieving local content requirements was a key target for this project; Serimax successfully trained and worked with local Angolan welders. In addition, Serimax supported Technip with the offshore tie-ins onboard the Deep Blue.

Working with Acergy (Subsea 7) on 8” and 10” lines onboard the Polaris, Serimax achieved under 1.5% average repair rates, and up to 323 welds per day for the S-Lay scope of work, and 51 welds per day welding on the J-Lay tower.

BP Devenick, Evanton Spoolbase, UK



Client: Technip

Scope of work: 2”, 3”, 8”, 10”, 14”, 16” of X52, X65, 13% Cr & 25% Cr, Pipe-in-Pipe

Welding, NDT, FJC

  • 3” x 11.5mm, X65 – 2710 welds
  • 2” x 9.5mm, X65 – 210 welds
  • 10” x 12mm, 13% Cr, P-i-P – 2710 welds
  • 16” x 23.8mm, X52, P-i-P – 2710 welds
  • 16” x 20.6mm, X52, P-i-P – 20 welds
  • 10” x 27mm, 25% Cr, P-i-P – 20 welds
  • 8” x 16.9mm, 13% Cr, P-i-P – 210 welds
  • 14” x 17.5mm, X52, P-i-P – 210 welds

1.5% average repair rate

>90 welds on best day

Serimax is Technip’s long-term partner for the management of spoolbase operations in Evanton, Northern Scotland.  In 2011, Serimax completed welding, NDT and FJC for BP’s Devenick project, which included 13% and 25%Cr pipe grades, diameters ranging from 2” to 16”, using Pipe-in-Pipe insulation technology.

By building on welding knowledge collected and recorded group-wide, and retaining the same core welding and supervisory crew throughout production for each line, Serimax demonstrated proactivity and an effective approach in achieving strong performance:  the team delivered up to 90 welds per day, and average repair rates of less than 1.5%.

BP Thunderhorse, Serimax Fabrication Yard, Fourchon, USA

serimax case 9


Scope of Work: Fabrication & welding

2962 tons of pipeline components including:

  • 52 jumpers
  • 23 PLETS
  • 6 SLEDs
  • 2 Gooseneck Parking Frames
  • 21 Mudmats
  • 13 Subsea Chain tensioners
Asgard Spools & Spreader Beams, Orkanger, Norway

serimax case 10


Client: Technip

Scope of Work: Fabrication & welding

  • 24” x 12.7mm API 5L X65                               24” x 15.6mm API 5L X62
  • 24” x 12.7mm API 5L X62                               24” x 25.4mm API 5L X62

Total No of Welds 53

No Repairs delivered on schedule