Scope of work:

  • 44’’ x 23mm:
  • Repair rate: 2.35%
  • Best day lay rate: 216 welds/day
  • 42’’ x 29-33mm:
  • Repair rate: 1.45%
  • Best day lay rate: 216 welds/day

Mobilising the 8-torch, fully-automated Saturne welding system in combination with the dual-torch, field-proven Saturnax bug and band system was no small feat for Serimax, in delivering record-breaking performance on the second-longest subsea pipeline. Serimax successfully completed 39,880 welds of 42” and 44” trunklines, in the North Sea onboard the Acergy Piper, with average repair rates under 2%, and best day lay rates of 216 welds.

Serimax case 5