Client: Mapa Limak MNG

Scope of work:72” water line of X65, internal cement coating, desert working conditions up to +50°C 

  • 72” x 14.3mm - 24,700 welds
  • 3 Saturnax welding stations, welding GMAW
  • Internal line-up re-rounder clamp with copper backing shoes

Achieving high performance on a 72” water pipeline in Saudi Arabia was a new challenge for Serimax, and one successfully overcome. As Serimax’s first outing in the country, the Ras Al Zaur to Riyadh pipeline project was the opportunity to showcase the high-productivity, high-quality Saturnax automatic welding system, in partnership with international contractors Mapa-Limak-MNG, crossing desert terrain and withstanding temperatures approaching 55°C. This project has paved the way to recurring success in Saudi Arabia, with an additional three projects in the country. Over the course of 2013, Serimax will be taking on the 650-kilometer 36” Shaybah NGL pipeline for Saudi Aramco.

serimax casestudy2