Client: Michels

Scope of work:

  • 42" OD x 0.520 - 0.760" WT
  • 1,625 Welds
  • 4 STX Stations
  • Highest Production 66
  • Repair % 1.44%
  • Client Feedback: "Flexible delivery, great response time"

In order to better serve our clients, Serimax implemented an innovative solution for mobilizing the ETC Tiger Expansion project in Louisiana. Our solution implemented the use of customized eight foot by ten foot containers wherein each held two stations of complete Saturnax systems with all necessary auxiliary equipment. The configuration of Serimax equipment allowed for efficient rigging of the welding shacks.

This solution greatly reduced start up time from the typical two weeks to merely three days, receiving recognition from our client on the project. Joseph Wade of Michels Pipeline stated, “During mobilization Serimax showed great response time and the rigging of equipment and shacks was very good.” 

serimax casestudy 3