Serimax have the ability and expertise to work on any landline project anywhere in the world and support you regionally. Our solutions are recognised for efficiency, versatility, reliability and speed of mobilisation to deliver the contract schedule.

From -45C in Canada and Russia to +55C in Mexico and Saudi Arabia, our equipment is proven to perform in extreme temperatures and environments. This, coupled with our experienced welders, technicians, project managers and engineers, has positioned Serimax to become the industry leader in both quality and productivity.

Onshore Datasheet

Onshore Pipelines

Gas, Liqufied Natural Gas (LNG), crude oil, water and slurry pipelines

Onshore Fabrication

Process plant, LNG, refineries

Fabrication Datasheet

Our onshore services

Serimax provides a complete range of localised welding solutions for onshore projects.  Our solutions are hallmarked by efficiency, versatility, reliability and speed of implementation; that are shaped by the specific project requirements of the customer.

We provide welding, operations and project management, as well as industry-recognized training offers.