We continue to innovate: developing and applying new technologies and processes, tailored to meet the challenges of our clients and industry head on. Whether it's the unrelenting shift of oil and gas exploration and production into ultra deepwater or arctic environments, or the increasing use of more complex exotic materials, Serimax will find the most appropriate solution to meet our clients' needs.

Our research and development team is designing and creating next-generation products to support future challenges, making us the only welding company with internal product development and R&D facilities, thus making us the market leaders in our industry.

Serimax carries one of the largest fleets of specialised pipeline welding equipment in the world, consisting of over 500 dual head automatic Saturnax welding bugs, 120 pipe-facing machines and 130 internal line-up clamps.

Discover our Field Joint Coating Solutions for onshore, spoolbase and offshore here

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We have the capability to deliver specific manual and automatic welding solutions through our various applications, which allow us to be flexible with worldwide demands and capabilities.

We are the owners of our field proven technologies: we will adapt or upgrade any item of equipment for your needs or specific project requirements.






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