The Saturnax bug & band welding system focuses on the golden rules of welding:

  • Robust mechanics
  • Welding process management and integration
  • Easy orbital parameter setting
  • Arc and weld-pool stability.

Designed for welders, by welders, Saturnax is known as the most stable automatic welding torch on the market and comes in 5 variants: Saturnax 01, Saturnax 05, Saturnax 07, Saturnax 08 & Saturnax 09.

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Technical Datasheet - Saturnax 01

Technical Datasheet - Saturnax 05/07

Technical Datasheet - Saturnax 09



The Saturne is the original fully-automated orbital welding system, and the fastest automatic welding system on the market.

Designed for trunklines, the Saturne operates 8 welding torches simultaneously to achieve world records in production.

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Multinax is Serimax’s 1G (rotating pipe) pre-fabrication welding solution perfectly matching subsea project requirements.

Welds achieved from multi-jointing for offshore projects with Multinax attain the same properties as mainline and tie-in welds.

Designed for integration into a complete manufacturing offer, Multinax is:

  • Quick to mobilize
  • Easy-to-use
  • A promoter of local content.

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Technical Datasheet


The Externax is Serimax’s automatic tie-in solution, offering:

  • Reduced risk through fully-external operations
  • Reduced clamping and welding times
  • A narrow-gap bevel solution
  • Automated weld parameter traceability.

The Externax can be part of a full-service offer: from mainline welding to spoolbase and offshore tie-ins.

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Technical Datasheet