Internax is the new internal welding clamp for 48” line pipes*, capable of correcting out-of-roundness and particularly suited for cross-country landlines.

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Maxiluc is an extra-strong pneumatic line-up field proven clamp that facilitates and accelerates spacing, thus optimizing welding cycle time. It rerounds pipe ends until Out Of Roundness (OOR) is completely removed. Maxiluc is a key factor when it comes to meeting the stringent requirements of welding and mechanical specifications. Indeed, Maxiluc ensures perfect fit-up while making sure material is never exposed to stresses above its yield strength.

Maxiluc fits all pipe lengths up to 24m. Serimax’s Maxiluc supports pipe diameters from 30” to 56”, offering the highest level of flexibility and safety. Additionally, Maxiluc can be operated manually with a reach rod, or remotely using a wireless control system.
Combined to Saturnax welding systems, the MAXILUC rerounding clamps are the solution of choice for your important projects.

Technical Datasheet


Serimax's internal line-up clamp operates on offshore and onshore projects for pipe diameter from 8" to above.

Technical Datasheet