Internal Welding Clamp

Unmatched on the market, the device includes eight fully automatic welding heads that perform root passes from inside the pipe. This is especially important where customer specifications forbid welding on copper backing.  A wireless remote control system enhances operator safety; in addition, pipe re-rounding capabilities reduce hi-lo and fit-up time as well as improve weld quality. All these attributes make Internax one of the highest productivity welding solutions.


Complete range of welding solutions

Thanks to the addition of Internax to our portfolio, Serimax now offers an even more complete range of welding gears, with or without copper backing shoes, at all productivity rates for more terrain and topography types than ever.

By combining Internax for internal root passes and Saturnax, our automatic orbital welding torch (bug-and-band system) for external filling, we can propose the most complete and efficient welding solution on the market.



Ideal for Cross-country locations

“Internax is the fruit of customer needs, market analysis and technological expertise. Taking Maxiluc, our high power internal line-up clamp for mountainous terrains, as a starting point, we developed a tool specifically designed for regions with flat, plain terrain profiles. In cross-country locations, especially in flatlands, with a low number of crossings, productivity will be exceptionally high. This new tool completes our range of landline welding solutions, giving us powerful answers for a greater number of tiers, with very high performance,” said Frédéric Lepla, responsible for Landline Project Development.