Are you looking for end-to-end pipeline traceability?

Would as-built and tailor-made documentation provide increased efficiencies on your project?

Witness how real-time project and integrity management from your office can save you time, money, and worry.

Serimax’s Cleverweld does all of the above, and brings you long-term project intelligence.

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CleverScan: a pack of turnkey solutions to optimise pipe welding

CleverScan is an optimal, accurate, and rapid measurement tool of pipe end dimensions along with software analysis including pipe end to end fit-up and pipeline sorting.

CleverScan measures the inside and outside diameters of a pipe, as well as its thickness. Then the software that has been developed is used to propose several solutions:

-      Better alignment thanks to the optimum rotation between a fixed and a free end in order to optimise the HiLo, which is checked using 720 points.

-      Better pipe welding sequence with the best possible HiLo

-      Or, for some customers, a simple quality control of a batch or of all pipe ends before production or in the factory.

 Strengths Productivity and quality

Productivity is increased by assessing optimum tube rotation before fitting. HiLo criteria are best complied with as to quality in order to prevent possible welding defects. Furthermore, it is possible to anticipate a project or to improve ongoing production. If this involves additional measurement services, these tools simplify both fitting and welding. 

 These tools can be connected to Cleverweld, our dedicated traceability server that collects the data from our different items of equipment to issue detailed production reports. 

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CleverScan Option Bevel

CleverScan now also provides a bevel measurement solution.

This new edition features 360° bevel measurement with laser profilometry, which is ideal for onsite welding, providing customers with optimal fit-up and guaranteeing that all bevels are approved before welding. 

This new solution reinforces the reliability and accuracy of quality controls for the most demanding requests, namely Clad Pipelines and Steel Catenary Risers, where root pass welding is highly impacted by the quality of the bevel itself.



Scanvision creates trust in welding performance.

As Serimax’s tool for internal visual inspection and measurement on all pipeline projects, the Scanvision documents your project’s welding DNA.

We provide visual intelligence and confidence on welding, through a system which meets your most stringent welding requirements with real-time recording and validation.

Through simple welding analysis, make sure your project has no hidden surprises.

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Serimax’s Roxane is the only fully-controlled gas purge system on the market.

Preventing root oxidization through consistent gas purging performance in all welding environments, Roxane enhances weld quality on corrosion-resistant alloys by monitoring 02 content and chamber pressure within the welding void.

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