👏What a GORGEOUS picture taken by Dean Ross, SERIMAX Technical Clerk based in Scotland!

🧐 Serimax are currently working to complete the offshore phase of the Neptune Fenja project for TechnipFMC at Evanton Spoolbase, after completing fabrication of approx. 36km of 12”/18” ETH/FO PIP operations.

✅ The project marks several milestones, such as the first 18” x 18m pipeline to be fabricated and spooled at Evanton Spoolbase, with the added challenge of supporting the large-scale ETH/FO (Electrical Trace Heat/Fibre Optic Cable) PIP process which was met with teamwork and professionalism by all.

✅ As a result, SERIMAX, welded more than 5,000 welds using Serimax welding bug, multi-process SATURNAX09.

✅ August will see the close of Fenja since its production start date in July 2019 with its 5th and final offshore pipelay trip aboard TFMC’S Deep Energy.

👏 Kudos to the teams!


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