SATURNAX 01 Making welding look easy!

Statistics show that in the very near future there will be a shortage of welders, the average age of welders is now at 55 and with welders leaving for retirement there will soon be a shortage. 


But not to worry because Saturnax 01, our automatic welding bug specifically designed to increase your welding productivity and encourage welder autonomy is here!


It really is a welding bug for everyone!

  • Versatile

    Integrates seamlessly to any workforce, environment and application. 

  • Fast

    Higher deposit rate due to optimised parameters all around the circumference vs. manual welding.

  • Safe

    Remote control allows to input parameters, data recording and lock settings against unauthorized changes.

  • High Quality

    Traceable welding parameters linked directly to the welding procedure (USB).

Adaptable to a wide range of diameters with a chain.
Remains secure and safe even on very steep slopes.
Large diameter welding, for jacket leg/piles welding.
Secure your construction schedule and reduce your welding overhead.
For pipe diameters from 8'' to 96'' and minimal clearance down to 165mm!
Outstanding production due to the compact flat design.
Safer operational conditions with wireless remote control.
Suitable for both 2G and 5G welding positions.


Saturnax 01 automatic welding never tires and offers pendular oscillation imitating that of a manual welder, guaranteeing unlimited hours of quality welds.


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