Celebrating 10 Years and Our 10,000th Weld at our Welding Technology Centre!

We are thrilled to mark a monumental milestone: 10 amazing years and our 10,000th weld!
Marking a sustainable approach as the 10,000th weld was for a weldability test for a hydrogen project!
10 years and our 10,000th weld!

Marking a sustainable approach as the 10,000th weld was for a weldability test for a hydrogen project! 


Today, let’s talk about our central hub in Paris: The Welding Technology Centre (WTC) where we are celebrating our 10,000th weld! (That’s enough welded pipeline to circle the earth 2.5 times since Serimax was founded in 1978). 


Established in 2014, our Welding Technology Centre serves as the epicenter for our mission to revolutionize welding in the energy industry. This strategic location ensures proximity to our clients, allowing us to showcase our exceptional welding capabilities firsthand. Today, we’re thrilled to announce a significant milestone—our teams have successfully completed our 10,000th Research & Development weld!


As we embrace the future where change is vital, we not only safeguard our past but are prepared for the sustainable energy transition with welding solutions for the future.

This 10,000th hydrogen weld is proof of our pledge and was completed in July on a weldability study at our Welding Technology Centre, these tests are paramount to guarantee the robust operational productivity that is required in such corrosive environments.

Over the past ten years at the Welding Technology Centre, we’ve achieved so much:

  1. Conducted weldability tests on various grades and alloying concepts
  2. Pushed the limit on various welding processes to either improve productivity and / or quality
  3. Hosted over 300 different clients, partners & energy operators to run dedicated R&D programs
  4. Developed and industrialized all our welding and integrity technologies
  5. Trained welding team members from around the globe to secure the project delivery
  6. And continue to shape the future of welding technologies to facilitate the energy transition

Our Welding Technology Centre manages welding for various markets:

So let us celebrate this 10Kth weld materializing our historical long term to secure tomorrow your project with Field proven solutions.

Serimax 10K Weld at the Welding Technology Centre

Commitment, perseverance, and unwavering determination embody the spirit of our global team. 

It's a real achievement for our teams at the head office and one that really does show our commitment to the energy transition. As the Hydrogen revolution us here, we really are ready to tackle all of your welding challenges.

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