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Serimax maintains the highest performance by focusing on technological development, skill development and training, data analysis and strategic partner alliances.

We work with our customers and partners intimately to conquer the most complex technical challenges in the nuclear industry.

Welding capabilities and technology

  • Client testimonies recommending Serimax to suppliers as mandatory for both welding capabilities and technology
  • Provision of welding services to Nuclear industry
  • Awarded Major Framework agreement through DRSL
  • Extensive number of accreditations upheld.  This includes F4N, ISO9001 & 14001:2015 & 3834, OSHAS18001, Achilles UVDB, Investors in People & Young People…

Saturnax 09 GTAW


  • 100% automatic
  • Is up to 3 times faster than common cold wire GTAW welding
  • Is easy-to-use <30 sec to put in place on the band
  • Can perform both orbital and linear welding
  • Has confirmed field-proven non-stop reliability
  • Reduce down-time and cost
  • Is focused on Quality