Serimax opened the Welding Technology Centre (WTC) in Paris Nord 2, Roissy, in March 2015. In response to market demand, and to enhance technological leadership in the industry, the centre helps Serimax to develop pioneering solutions to meet tomorrow’s challenges!

The WTC increases capacity for research and development, featuring a 2,000 m2 workshop dedicated to collaborative R&D projects with its customers requiring specialized materials and technology. The WTC has also become the Serimax flagship with the new headquarters now housing central corporate functions and senior management, while facilitating customer training and support.

The new offices and workshop will enable Serimax to focus on the many designs of technological solutions aligned with market expectations and build closer relationships with customers, who are already eager to sponsor and support key innovative developments. Serimax is shaping the future by investing in welding technology and training and WTC is ideally located, just minutes away from Charles-de-Gaulle international airport, making all meetings, seminars and workshops easy and accessible to all.


Serimax is shaping the future by investing in welding technology

Christel Couaillet

Equipment Development Manager


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