We're expanding our extensive range of automatic welding equipment and solutions across diverse applications. Our latest investment, Saturnax 01, focuses on enhancing production efficiency by transitioning manual welds to automatic processes. Coupled with our training initiatives, we're prepared to meet the demands of upcoming greener project needs.


Welding solutions for multi-purpose pipelines (including high sour-service environments).

Ensuring the integrity of welds is crucial when dealing with gases like hydrogen to prevent leaks. Welding processes and materials are key to meeting stringent quality and safety standards, especially because hydrogen can induce embrittlement in pipelines. Leveraging our expertise to weld Sour & Extreme Sour service pipelines whether it’s Onshore or Offshore, we understand the intricacies required to guarantee reliability and integrity. We take pride in our work, striving to deliver advanced hydrogen pipeline solutions and promote hydrogen as a low-carbon energy source.

  • Material Selection: Choosing and using materials that meet strict quality and safety standards. With our extensive track record, we can help select the best jointing/material combination.

  • Weldability Testing: Testing at our Welding Technology Centre provides project pipe weldability testing using operational welding procedures to ensure required performance.

  • Welding Processes: Selecting the right welding process for your chosen pipe material and applicable specifications for the best performance in H2 environments.

  • Mechanised Welding: Welding with our easy-to-use machines ensure robust, repeatable welds, to achieve full pipeline integrity.

  • Internal Inspection: Inspecting and measuring the internal weld and fit-up alignment is key to managing the Hi-Lo and internal weld profile; promoting firing line efficiency.

  • Data Monitoring: Documenting all welding data during, and after the project; CleverWeld, our data tracking solution is your ally to ensure long term integrity.


  • Penstock pipelines
  • Water-supply pipelines


Requirements for welding in the nuclear industry are similar to those in the Oil & Gas sector. Which means that our savoir-faire on sensitive projects in such sectors allows us to easily adapt to nuclear requirements when taking into consideration the quality of expected welds. Our reputation for excellence and reliability is reinforced by accreditations from major industry standards.


We work with our customers and partners intimately to conquer the most complex technical challenges in the nuclear industry.

Serimax’ flagship automatic gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW)  has been specifically enhanced for nuclear High Integrity Components (HIC) including VVP line pipe welding. 

  • Project Management
  • WPS development and qualification
  • Seeded Defects
  • Fabrication
  • Automated Technology
  • Digital / LTQR


Our comprehensive approach, including advanced welding technologies, stringent quality control measures, and ongoing R&D means that we have what it takes to address such high-pressure environments. Our high-quality welds maintain the integrity of the storage systems.

  • With an extensive track record, Serimax provides welding, field joint coating and data solutions for existing and new pipes.
  • Corrosive resistant alloy (CRA) welds.


Wind towers are exposed to fatigue loads associated with higher wind speeds and larger generators, as well as corrosion and colder temperatures.

  • Saturnax 01 flux core arc welding (FCAW) is the go to solution for your wind tower projects.
  • Offshore (floating) & Onshore Wind Turbine (Read More about our unwavering commitment here)

Our welding solutions enable contractors to relocate construction activities all around the world.  Coupling man and technology provides the right welding solutions for the assembly of floating wind turbines.


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