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Leading the development of innovative technology for the welding of the most demanding materials in the global pipeline and fabrication industry since 1978

Diversification efforts begin to bear fruit 

with the RECIF project in France

Sales of Saturnax 01 increase 

responding to the market lack of welders 

Opening of Serimax Saudi Arabia LLC

Opening of a Kazakhstan Branch

Establishment of “Welding Technology Centre (WTC)” dedicated for R&D in Welding at Paris

100% is acquired by VALLOUREC – world leader in smart tubular solutions & owner of VAM connection

Opening of a BRAZIL branch

Serimer Dasa and Umax (Scotland based) merge & become SERIMAX

Opening of Serimax Workshop in Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia and Houston
Strategic investment by Lime Rock Partners & 4D Energy

Serimer Dasa is acquired
by ACERGY and the opening of Serimax North America, Houston

1st Auto welding for pipeline to be spooled & installed by reel pipelay

1st in the industry
Dual Torch: Saturnax 8-Torch: Saturne

1st weld using single torch Automatic
Weld Systems

Serimer Dasa – Welding division created by offshore Contractor ETPM (France)


2006: Launch of Scanvision 07
2009: Launch of Saturnax 09
2014: Launch of CleverScan
2018: Launch of Saturnax 01
2019: Launch of Saturnax 09 GTAW
2019: Launch of Scanvision HD
2020: Launch of Internax 42’’ US

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