At Serimax, we are committed to meeting our responsibilities to the communities in which we operate.

At the core of our mission lies a commitment to both people and planet. We are dedicated to fostering positive change as a business and as an employer. Leveraging our combined expertise and resources, we actively empower our team, ensure safe and efficient services for our customers, and contribute significantly to uniting communities through the provision of clean, sustainable energy, resources, and infrastructure. As individuals and as an organisation, we consistently strive to uphold our values in every action we take.

Our commitment as a business

Being a reliable business that encourages change; means providing welding that is future-proof, safe, and, sound to both the planet and people. Integrity is what our people, automatic, and, manual welding equipment ensure, protecting the environment by ensuring secure infrastructures that provide the essential to local communities.  

Our commitment as an employer

Making sure we encourage a trustworthy exchange between business and employer. Which in turn will guarantee that our teams feel empowered to reach our targets, together as one Serimax Team. 

Our Sustainability Roadmap

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