An Interview with Thibaud Robin

"Join a service company that is developing 
its infrastructure to welcome new projects in energy transition"
Thibaud Robin Serimax
Thibaud ROBIN
Sourcing Director
Do you dream about discovering the world of welding and the world at the same time?  Then keep reading to find out how you can actually do just this… Thibaud Robin, Serimax’ Sourcing Director was interviewed by Le Monde des Grandes Ecoles and shares his insights about Serimax, a company moving with the times in an ever-changing world towards new energy.  
What are your daily tasks as a Sourcing Director?

I supervise buying which is essentially the selection, strategy and negotiation with suppliers to ensure we get what we need under the best conditions in order to minimize the risks for the company. I have a team of nine people based in France, England, Russia, Kazakhstan, the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia. Our role is to be a business partner that supports operational staff with project delivery all over the world. This means preparing specific equipment for our customers, so that they are operational throughout the duration of the project. We have 70 projects a year in around twenty countries.


The most exciting challenges?

Working with all operational entities to support project delivery while developing the company’s medium to long term strategy. Now, that’s a challenge! We also need to make sure that we smoothly deliver projects all over the planet 24/7. We have construction sites in very diverse environments such as Papua New Guinea, Brazil, Siberia or Nigeria. Our strength is that our teams adapt to all environments and working conditions.


What about graduate opportunities?

We look for technical profiles, specialists in IT, digital, engineering, automation, but also more generic profiles too. We also need new talent to guarantee the company’s transformation into the new energy sectors.


Business travel, is it essential?

It’s basically a sine qua non at Serimax! Our global presence means that there’s always an office open somewhere in the world no matter what time of the day it is. Every year I.V.Bs join us in Brazil, Norway, Russia, the United States, Malaysia or China. So, you really should come and try your luck!


And what about soft skills?

You have to be able to adapt easily, be autonomous, seek adventure and take responsibility. A new employee can very quickly become the company representative vis-à-vis the customer.


What’s your secret for being a team player?

Communicate, provide meaning, visibility and focus on their success.


Tick the operational box!

“I spent fifteen years in operations, including five at Serimax. Working in the project delivery dept. is very dynamic. We touch on a lot of subjects and we are immersed in a multicultural environment. I have collaborated with people from Africa, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, the United States… Supervising a project means coordinating teams, engineering, on-site execution and subcontracting. This is by far a competitive advantage because we have the credibility to guide the strategy in the best way possible”.  

Thibaud Robin Serimax
"Before joining Serimax, I was a drilling engineer and “Night Company man” in the North Sea at ENGIE. Based on a platform, I worked 7 days a week, 12 hours a day. Since I began my studies in offshore energy sector it was all I dreamed about. I learned to manage pressure and to coordinate Anglo-Saxon teams. It is an incredible experience that I recommend to everyone!"

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