Kelly O'Conner International Women's Day Serimax Welding

Today we are celebrating International Women’s Day with an inspiring story from within our team in Scotland:  Kelly O'Conner International Women's Day Serimax Welding


Meet Kelly O’Connor, our IT Manager “extraordinaire”! With almost 17 years of dedicated service at Serimax, Kelly O’Connor has not only excelled in her role but also achieved a remarkable achievement in the world of martial arts. 


Last year, Kelly O’Connor attained the prestigious title of the highest-ranked Tang Soo Do female dan in Europe, showcasing her exceptional dedication and skills. From her early days practicing the Korean martial art to founding “Inverness Tang Soo Do” as a teenager, Kelly’s journey is nothing short of remarkable. 


Despite being the only female member when she first joined, 31 years ago, Kelly O’Connor embraced the challenges and lessons of Tang Soo Do, which encouraged invaluable life skills and confidence along the way. Today, she leads our IT department with the same determination and resilience that propelled her into martial arts.


Kelly O’Connor emphasizes that “Tang Soo Do isn’t just about self-defense; it’s about developing leadership, communication, and resilience”.

At Serimax, we take pride in championing women’s development in traditionally male-dominated industries like welding. Kelly O’Connor‘s remarkable journey serves as a testament to the incredible capabilities of women. Balancing her role at Serimax along with running the Tang Soo Do club and being a devoted mother, Kelly O’Connor shows strength and determination. AND her dedication to excellence extends beyond the workplace, as she sets her sights on the world championships coming to Scotland in 2025. Watch this space…

Today and everyday of the year, let’s celebrate the achievements of women like Kelly O’Connor and pave the way for more women to thrive in the welding industry. Together, let’s continue to foster inclusivity and diversity, shaping a brighter future for all. International Women’s Day really can serve as a powerful reminder that just like in sports, where strength and skill know no gender, careers like welding are open to anyone with the passion and determination to succeed! Let’s break down barriers and celebrate the diverse talents of women in every field, including welding!”


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