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opportunities for both men and women

Tuesday was International Women’s Day (IWD), a day where we imagine a gender equal world. A world that’s diverse, equitable, and inclusive. A world where difference is valued and celebrated. Serimax celebrated with the rest of the world women’s achievements and raised awareness against bias and together as a company we strive for equality every day.


Here at Serimax we discuss with Christel, our Project Department Manager and now, a sponsor and mentor for the Elles Bougent movement about how she is supporting young women and working towards a future full of inclusivty. Elles Bougent’ history began in 2005, when two industrial companies realized that they had a lack of female presence. In short, this lack of female talent in such industries enabled this project to be born with a mission that is clear and simple: to attract more young women who are thinking about and planning their educational and professional career. Elles Bougent wants to make young girls aware of the diversity of professional opportunities available in the STEM industries.

Christel discusses with us what it’s like being a woman in the welding industry and how she will help the association Elles Bougent share with other young women the importance of female talents in the male-dominated engineering industry.


With women making up only 13% of the engineering workforce, Christel was invited to an event in the Picardie region in order to promote careers in engineering to 40 young women from the Lycée Jean Calvin in Noyon. Currently the high school is composed of 80 % boys in the scientific and technical sectors and only 20 % girls. So, the aim of the day was to show just how interesting and stimulating it really can be studying and then going on to work in scientific and technical industries. The budding young girls came to listen to Christel and 3 other female mentors share their experiences about career choices and why they feel so strongly about working in STEM industries. Christel, presented her academic and professional background (including 20 years in various positions at Serimax), what motivates her (team and project management, challenges, operational excellence) as well as a message that:

“Being a woman of science should be considered an asset”


Christel goes on to say:

 “An asset in a professional career based on motivation and extraordinary passion, but also an asset for the company, because a woman brings a different vision, a transversal and versatile way of managing and solving problems”.


There was a morning of workshops, and the girls had an opportunity to ask various questions and take advantage of Christel’s career and motivation.

Christel says:

“It was a very rewarding experience for me. I hope that the girls appreciated these simple but what I hope were, motivating discussions, and will confirm their enthusiasm for scientific and technical studies and professions!”


For more information about the Elles bougent society visit their website: and if you want to know more about IWD visit the website here

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