At Serimax Everyday is a Fresh Day

Find out how your day can become more exciting with our Défense Mobilité partnership

In May 2022 Serimax partnered with Defense Mobility in the quest to acquire and attract new technical talent experienced in international operations. The aim of this partnership is to raise Serimax’ profile and to ensure that soldiers wanting to pursue their career in the private sector know where to go. Stéphane Chevalier, Human Resources director presented the group in 2 conferences and explained why working for Serimax really is exciting and one that opens doors to new opportunities: because everyday really is a fresh day. Stéphane also presented a typical technical position, working abroad and discussed the related remuneration structures. If you think you have what it takes to work for Serimax and want to see and discover new challenges then please visit our jobs page. 

Serimax is a company where everyday really is different. So come and see what's in store for you and try working for a French company in the private sector outside of France: Rotation, Secondment, Expatriation and much more...

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