Serimax Techno Days Houston Presenting

50 years of development… Or nearly

In 2024, we will celebrate an important milestone, one which will mark 50 years of service to the welding industry. That’s 50 years of taking challenges and managing them head-on by providing solutions that are fit-for-purpose.  


During our Techno Days in Houston, we held a full week of events (workshop and office based) for various IPC’s and Engineering companies. We welcomed clients to our offices and discussed around future welding challenges and shared the advancements of our solutions. The industry’s leading engineers and operational managers came to discover key features of our new solutions and to see what was in store for the future and how Serimax can make a significant difference to their projects.  

As we approach our 50th year as leaders in the welding industry, we were keen to share our hard-work and technological advancements that are already helping our customers embrace new welding journeys as well as managing the energy transition. 6 solutions that are already operational around the world, were presented including:  Scanvision HD, Saturnax 09 CMT Dual Torch, Saturnax 09 GTAW, Digitalization, CleverScan and, Saturnax 01.  



As we have always been well known for our Saturnax mechanized welding machines, these events are crucial for our clients because they are able to discover our added value proposed from all angles of the welding journey and not necessarily just automatic or manual welding. Indeed, recent investments have allowed us to define a portfolio of global solutions that really are innovative, this offer gives customers using Serimax welding services the possibility to: 


  • go home on a night and manage and follow their projects virtually via online portals
  • plan and follow pipeline projects with lower risk, costs, lead time and material usage 
  • receive an after sales service second to none 
  • open the door to new energy sectors with an orbital FCAW welding solution ready to make anyone a welder, it’s that easy.  
  • And so much more…  

Sébasiten Leconte VP Technology said:   

Our engineers know that their developments need to add value for the client and thus become operational successes, and this is why we communicate hard and fast. It’s so important for us to show them that we have what it takes to embrace the energy transition”.

Keep an eye on our events page online and contact us if you are interested in finding out more about future Techno Days.  


Scanvision HD:  

Our digital solution for internal visual inspection measurement (offshore, online, spoolbase) that documents your project’ welding DNA and creates trust in welding performance. Scanvision promotes firing line efficiency and saves time thanks to intermediate inspection capabilities. 


Saturnax 09 CMT Dual Torch: 

We present you the Saturnax 09 CMT with 2 torches! This solution allows you to weld in highly corrosive environments   and enhances productivity. 


Saturnax 09 GTAW:  

Our GTAW pipeline welding bug ensures narrow gap welding from root to cap passes. This provides a high-quality sealing pass between the pipe & joint socket and provides exceptional levels of quality and control, meaning zero grinding is required. 



Let us be your remote eyes and ears for your project sites! Make key decisions based on operational traceability and ensure 100% integrity of your structures with our digital tools. You can now plan and follow pipeline projects with lower risk, costs, lead time and material usage.  

Data isn’t key here, the key is how we weld using this data. 



Our accurate and rapid measurement tool for pipe-end dimensions with pipe fit-up and sorting digital software.  Suitable for pipe mills, pipe yards, coating yards or offshore production sites. Boost project operations on the firing line with no time lost to match pipe ends, just weld. 


Saturnax 01:  

Statistics show that in the very near future there will be a shortage of welders, the average age of welders is now at 55 and with welders leaving for retirement there will soon be a shortage. But not to worry because Saturnax 01, our automatic welding bug specifically designed to increase your welding productivity and encourage welder autonomy is here!  

It really is a welding bug for everyone! 



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