Move Foward, Good Things are always up Ahead

Our Saturnax 01 Business Owner: Marion Binet Talks to us about her new position.

Marion, what does a typical day look like for you as Saturnax 01 Business Owner?

A good day always starts with having a chat with my colleagues, looking at how my day is going to pan out (meetings etc.), and taking a quiet moment to review and establish my to-do list. Then, I check my emails and establish their degree of urgency, I do all this with a well earned coffee… of course. Exchanging, communicating, always in a positive way is the mantra of my days as a Business Owner.


What are the opportunities of this new role for Serimax and its teams? 

This is a new position, so opportunities and challenges are everywhere. I really appreciate discussing with the different regions, distributors, customers, etc. Bumping into new ways of working and thinking is extremely interesting and educational!


It’s a new job creation, how do you feel about that?

Both stressed and enthusiastic! This position offers a taste of freedom, by this I mean that because it is a new job, I can really define the backbone of the: what, why and when, all whilst having a reassuring global framework in which I can evolve. Each new day brings its share of surprises and forces me to question myself and stay open-minded! It’s quite a challenge!


What do you enjoy the most?

Communicating, discovering, and learning! I love to learn, it’s my mantra in life, otherwise I get bored quickly. With this job, I don’t think it’s going to happen any time soon 😉! The diversity of the business unit’s activities is really very interesting, it forces me to remain flexible. There is no such thing as routine! 

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