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Anticipating risk, maximizing efficiency, and improving line quality, are the three main assets of the CleverScan pipe end measurement tool. Pipes are never perfectly round, so you need a machine to ward off pesky Hi-Lo due to the pipe geometry. Tight Hi-Lo specifications can slow down operations but with CleverScan you can say goodbye to all these problems.  CleverScan, is known worldwide and has been used on projects in Australia, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Nigeria, and, Ghana on various material grades and diameters and has managed over 35,000 pipe end measurements. Serimax used CleverScan locally in Nigeria on 25 Km of 24” Inconel pipes and was a huge success because the pipe properties using this steel grade are troublesome to weld if the ends are not matched first. Our accurate and rapid measurement tool for pipe-end dimensions with pipe fit-up and sorting digital software is suitable for pipe mills, pipe/coating yards or on/offshore production sites. Boosting the chance to increase local content, safety, project operations with no time lost to match pipe ends. The machine’s focus is operational success and its capacity to manage Hi-Lo means that, the pipes can be scanned pre-project delivery, on-site and then as soon as the pipes are on the firing line they can be simply rotated (where needed) and bingo, your pipes are aligned and ready to weld and Hi-Lo is banished.


CleverScan can be used to eradicate downtime on all projects by:

  1. Minimizing fit-up time
  2. Increasing productivity
  3. Optimizing pipe sorting
  4. Fulfilling Hi-Lo requirements
  5. Measuring bevels geometry (Bevelscan Option)

Pipe Fit-Up service is available remotely using Vallourec’s BestFit App on-site with CleverScan equipment and experienced technicians.


Would you like to know more? Please contact Vincent Raoult our CleverScan man at

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Our accurate and rapid measurement tool for pipe-end dimensions with pipe fit-up and sorting digital software.  Suitable for pipe mills, pipe yards, coating yards or offshore production sites. Boost project operations on the firing line with no time lost to match pipe ends, just weld. 

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