“Become part of a team who is welding and assembling the pieces for the production of the clean energy of tomorrow!”

Says Thibaud Robin (INSA Toulouse 05), Sourcing Director of Serimax, to young graduates.

Thibaud Robin Serimax
Thibaud ROBIN
Sourcing Director
Thibaud Robin, was interviewed by Le Monde des Grandes Ecoles and shares his insights about Serimax, a company looking for young graduates to build the infrastructure that will produce the carbon-free energy of tomorrow. 


How do you view your career at Serimax over the past 8 years?

It is a job where learning is at the heart of everything we do. There are so many enriching discoveries as it is a company with operations all over the world. There’s always something to spice up the day. You can have a career and are also in it for the long term because the Group offers great careers in France or abroad. Initially, I was not prepared to oversee purchasing, but it is an exceptional function that allows you to shake up your habits, have a cross-functional vision and evolve quickly.

What are the challenges of the job as a Sourcing Director?

We are business partners with a mission to support operations. There is the short-term part: the execution of projects with problems of supply and shortage, in particular with the energy crisis. The medium term is the purchasing organization, and the long term is the three-year strategic vision that requires us to remain competitive in the markets in which we are positioned. Historically, Serimax operates in the Oil & Gas sector linked to fossil fuels because it was the most widespread source of energy a few years ago. We are now moving towards different business models with the development of new energies and wind power. The equipment, technologies, and services that we are going to offer will be and are already adapted to these new markets.


What are the opportunities available for young graduates?

There are plenty! We need young graduates to build the infrastructure that will produce carbon-free energy. We recruit in new technologies related to digital and the development of new energies. Working at Serimax means participating in the construction of the clean energy production means of tomorrow. We are looking for technical experts with high added value. INSA trains engineers in different specialties that meet our needs: computer scientists, automation engineers, mechanics, generalists on project management… This school offers training that meets the needs that will be ours in the coming years. 2023 is looking good in terms of recruitment!



“The school trains versatile and open-minded engineers. Even if we specialize in one area, we are in constant contact with other sectors. I chose Environmental Process Engineering because I always wanted to work in the chemical sector, in particular the oil sector, while taking a close interest in environmental issues. INSA offers the opportunity to do both and then choose one or the other. It is one of the few engineering schools that allows you to combine high-level sport and studies. I took advantage of it by being part of the handball team and winning the French Grandes Ecoles championship in 2003.”

Interesting projects:

  • The Atoll Phase One project in Egypt
  • The Tanap Tap Gas Pipeline which crosses Turkey, Albania and Greece
  • The RECIF project for the construction of offshore floating wind turbines

Contact: thibaud.robin@serimax.com


Thibaud Robin Serimax

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