A bug that drives productivity !

The innovative features provided by Saturnax 01 make it an outstandingly flexible automated bug that ultimately saves time and money.

Automatic welding has major advantages over manual welding. When using Saturnax 01, a welder can be at least twice as productive as a manual welder in FCAW. Mechanised welding reduces grinding time and produces welds of consistently high quality reducing the need for repairs and saving time and cost.

With its adjustable chain clamping system, Saturnax 01 is the unique automatic welding bug on the market able to fit all pipe sizes, thus avoiding additional cost. The user-friendly interface means that operators need only half-day training before being able to use Saturnax 01 effectively along with the featherweight of Saturnax 01 directly improves working conditions for the welder.


Truly versatile: With its adjustable chain, it is capable to weld all pipe sizes from 8”.

Easy to use: Quick to set up, its fully motorised single torch FCAW, automatically manages start and stop steps and continuously controls stick-out.

Extended access: The highly compact dimensions (only 150 mm/6” clearance around the pipe is required) make accessibility in confined spaces possible, while its exceptional lightweight makes it particularly easy for a welder to handle.

Simple interface: With intuitive parameter settings, operating the bug is a straight-forward matter of handling a remote control.



More productive: Saves time and money

Reduce costs (CAPEX): One chain fits all

Agile and Versatile: Use in any conditions

Light-weight design: Less physical strain on welder 

Empowers your welders: Simple user-friendly interface

Simpler maintenance: Minimize down-time 


Welding process: mechanized single torch FCAW

Wire speed: 0 - 10 m / min

Wire diameter: 1.2 mm

Weight: 15Kg (33lbs)

Length: 822 mm (32.3”)

Width: 524 mm (20.6”)

Height: 165 mm (6.5”)

Pipe size range : 8” to 48’’ (200-1200 mm)

Maximum wall thickness : 50 mm (2”)

Operating temperatures: −20 to +40 °C

Radial clearance required: 150 mm (6”)

Bi-directional welding and free-wheeling capability

Bevels: V and compound bevels